Digital Art: Painting and Imagination

Technology and its uses in art have always been fascinating to me, especially when it comes to visual creations. Today I wanted to share with you my passion for Digital Art. Technologies have enabled a « new » way of creating artwork, a form of art to which I feel closer than any other. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I love technology, video games and science fiction? #Geek. And what I absolutely love about Digital Painting is the fact that it has a little bit of everything in it. It’s like a parallel universe in which you can find an image of anything you can think of–your imagination is the limit. Like for example a Cubcake? (By Piper Thibodeau) :

Cubcake Image.png

There is also DeviantArt, which is a web-community and a website where artists — no matter their level of experience — can share their work. It can be fan-art or original works. It’s a website that I visit a lot, because there are many many many beautiful artworks there and I love how inspiring some of them are, for example this work by « Aquasixio » entitled « You belong to me ». 


This particular artist has created a painting which I really relate to. He has a way of drawing metaphorical scenes which I find so impressive (go check his work! on It is also interesting to highlight that digital painting is just a hobby for him, as he is a psychologist in real life. I’m guessing that’s one of the reasons his artworks are so deep and vivid.

a_painting_as_a_door_by_aquasixio-d7pbino« A painting as door » Aquasixio « We don’t need to watch TV to bring our world alive « .

What I find also breathtaking on DeviantArt are the artists who create universes just with paintings. Their works are somewhere between video games and a written book. Their universe becomes implicite to the viewer. They trigger our imaginatons. Works such as « Wlop »’s who created a comic of his paintings.

sky_lanterns_by_wlop-d7b5nfg« Sky lanterns by Wlop »

Or the work of the unpronouncable artist, « Najtkriss, » who took inspiration in ancient Japanese architecture to create beautiful fantasy landscapes. You can go check his majestic portfolio on his website (


I’m truly in love with this art. It inspires and nourishes my inner world and my imagination which helps me in my everyday life. Seeing beautiful things can boost creativity and sometimes can even help you see things in another perspective. And it gives me the motivation to build a more beautiful world full of colors and emotions.

Technology is improving so efficiently that we might wonder if Digital Drawing won’t shift from 2D painting to something more 360° with technologies such as VR glasses ? I’ll let you ponder that thought with Goro Fujita’s paintings in VR.


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Wlop :


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