My Internship at Sharewizz

SharewizzI worked as a community manager for Sharewizz, the first French website enabling people to lend and borrow everyday life objects. Indeed, why should we buy stuff we scarcely need when we can borrow from our neighbors? Launched last year, I was part of a genuinely intense experience for this brand new start-up. Here is what it sounded like:

S for Start-up:

Working for a start-up company implies a special working lifestyle:  a small team that takes your opinion into account, an intense rhythm in an open space where you don’t have your own office, no suits required but a lot of responsibilities! More here.

H for Human:

Sharewizz, as part of what we call the sharing economy, tries to keep human relationships at the heart of its creation, with the aim of using the Internet as a means to share and meet. To do so, we participated in local events (Fête des Familles, Fête des Voisins) and organized special events -the WizzDrinks- to build up conviviality.

A for Action:

To gain popularity, we didn’t only use the internet: we also had to be physically in the field, distributing flyers in front of metro stations. That’s what I called the Streetmarketing project!

R for Reactivity:

Each day meant multiple tasks: Internet watching, updating Facebook, Twitter, and writing newsletters and articles for the blog. I had to be reactive and rigorous: beware of misspellings and grammar errors!

E for Experiment:

As it was born only a month before I arrived, everything (logo, tone, colors and features on the website) was a work in process. It meant making a lot of propositions: trying, succeeding and sometimes failing!

W for Wizzers, WizzLetter and WizzDrinks:

The name Sharewizz lead to inventing a lot of different words, easy to remember: the Wizzers are the users, the WizzLetter the newsletter, and WizzDrinks are social events.

I for Interaction:

Being a community manager meant interacting a lot with users: phone calls, emails, and creating surveys were all part of my job.

Two Z’s for Zygomatic:

Being funny was my ultimate goal. If I succeeded in making someone smile by introducing them to a friendly website that would save them money and draw them into a community, it made my day!

If you want to know more about the Sharing Economy:

S comme Start-up, H comme Humain, A comme Action, R comme Réactivité, E comme Expérimentation, W comme Wizzers/ WizzLetter/ WizzDrinks, I comme Interaction,  et deux Z comme Zygomatique : voilà de quoi mon stage chez l’entreprise Sharewizz était fait !

By Mélanie Hatte

Crédit photo : Sharewizz


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