Jobs from the Future

Job Future

As technologies are advancing with a remarkable speed, the world which surrounds us changes unceasingly, together with our vision about the future. As indicated in the title of our Master, “Cultural Intelligence and Innovation”, we always have to be one step ahead. Allow me therefore to present you three different jobs from the future.

First in our list is the data scientist. Indeed, the relatively new technology of big data is growing with tremendous speed and soon, working as a data analyst will not be enough. This profession will therefore evolve into a data scientists who, a part from being able to analyze huge amounts of digital information, will also interfere in the domains of marketing and business. To put it simply, the data scientist will not only stare at data and collect it, but will be equally able to spot emerging trends from disparate sources and figure out ways to apply it so as to address the problems and requirements of an organization’s leadership structure.

Second in the list is the technology detox therapist. Yes, you heard me right. Personal experience makes us aware that technology can be addictive. We go out for a drink with friends, and yet, we remain hooked to their virtual mobile world. Indeed, the boundaries between our private, public and   virtual existence have become more and more blurred and as technology entwines itself more and more into our daily lives, this trend is only going to rise. This is when a technology detox therapist will intervene so as to separate people from their technology by applying strategies implemented to help and control our usage of technology.

Last but not least comes the privacy advisor so as to address one of today’s major issues – protecting internet users’ privacy. This topic makes the headlines lately due to governments monitoring our virtual communication. And although corporations such as Google are fighting to protect the privet internet space of its users, this difficult battle may soon lead them to hire privacy advisors who will help them discover new ways of protecting individuals from vulnerabilities while using the internet.

There you go! Now you know what the future looks like. And bear in mind what Darwin once said: in our world, “only the fittest will survive”.

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« Le monde des technologies change du jour au lendemain, ainsi que le monde qui nous entoure, ce qui provoque un changement dans notre perception du futur. Comme le nom de notre master l’indique, « Intelligence et Innovation Culturelles », nous devons garder une longueur d’avance. Permettez-moi donc de vous présenter trois nouveaux métiers du futur. »

by Atanaska Andreeva

Photo crédit: Med-line School


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